Multi talented for singular successr

A company founded in 1984 designs, manufactures, sells scanners readers sorters with high added value and publishes software for document & flat objects processing. VIPS can be found in market segments that need reading, collecting and processing of financial, legal or information data.

VIPS also provides OEM solutions and technologies for images or printing from its in-house R&D.

A solution for a few documents per day or for mass treatment, VIPS offer you a full offer to meet your needs:

  • Reader scanner
  • OEM reader scanner
  • OEM Technology

VIPS has managed over the past 30 years to enhance its technology evolve, innovate and diversify. VIPS provides its customers reader scanner, control solutions, qualification solutions, informations extraction, printing and sorting that respond to other requests than those of its traditional markets.

  • Check & banking document
  • Meal & gift ticket
  • Voucher & payment document
  • Envelope
  • Ballot & survey form
  • Specific document


Be ahead of the game to make the difference

VIPS controls each step of the installation process and minimise costs.

Thanks to our constant investment in research and development together with our many patents, our technology can meet even the most demanding needsand will also allow you other options for achieving your objectives.

Precursor 20 years ago in the integration of CIS scanning technology in readers scanners, our expertise is unique regarding the capture multi lighting and high definition image analysis at very high speed. Our technology-based special inks marking, ultrasonic double detection, document standing transport and sorting make the reputation and quality of our solutions, regardless of the product line.


Customer loyalty is key

Our varied client base recognises then quality and efficiency of our solutions and services.

  • Our end users customers apreciate VIPS’ performance, reliability and the simplicity of our solutions.
  • Our OEM customers bring value to their software markets thanks to the innovative features of our scanners / readers that are easy to integrate.
  • VIPS packaged solutions enable our distributors to offer a unique product that sells easily. This guarantees satisfaction for their own clients.

The expertise and know-how of VIPS are found in each of the steps below:

  • Listen, identify and assess needs
  • Preconize and support you in the implementation of the solution
  • Integrate the time constraints and security
  • Adapt the associated services and maintain
  • Organize monitoring, supplies management and continuity of services


VIPS a french export

VIPS make all of its research, development and production on its site near Paris.

VIPS relies on its subsidiary VIPS International Development, to be active on 5 continents and affirm every day its presence.

VIPS intervenes directly with its customers or uses its local technical and commercial partners to integrate upstream geographical, technical and cultural characteristics of its customers and accordingly adapts its offer to the needs of each country.

Our solutions are simple to use, quiet and space-saving. Whether you have a few documents per day to several hundred, our solutions allow you to save time and security.